Stevie, Fetty, and Chuck

Three kittens remained from a forgotten litter with their mom nowhere in sight. They meowed helplessly, crawling through grass and mud, unable to see. Their bodies slowly became dehydrated and malnourished as they tried to survive while battling terrible upper respiratory infections. The four-week-old kittens didn’t have much time left.

Thankfully, a friend of Ruff Start found the kittens just in time. They immediately received medical attention, but our team wasn’t sure if their eyes would improve. Stevie, Fetty, and Chuck were finally safe and cared for in a foster home. Unfortunately, the infection ravaged the boys’ eyes.

The kittens’ first night indoors.

Despite medical treatment, we couldn’t save Stevie’s eyes while Fetty lost one eye, but you wouldn’t believe how resilient these kittens are. After the antibiotics, ointment, and surgeries corrected the wrongs that these kittens endured, they turned into “super cuddly purr machines,” according to their foster. It didn’t take them long to adjust either. Now they are as healthy and feisty as ever. Fetty is in his new home, but Stevie and Chuck are bonded and available for adoption on our website

Stevie and Fetty post-op.

Stevie and Chuck snuggling on a scratching board.

Stevie stalking his Golden Retriever foster sibling.

We’re hoping to raise $100,000 on Give to the Max Day this Thursday, November 19, to offset the roughly $500,000 in vetting costs we’re set to incur by the end of this year. We’ll continue doing whatever it takes to help animals in need. Please join us in this life-saving work by donating! Your support makes saving kittens like these possible.