Want more ways to support the animals at Ruff Start Rescue?

Whether you shop from our online store or through our partners, you can help pets in need while completing your holiday shopping list. Listed below are some of our favorite items. Shop now while supplies last!

For the pets

Take the worry out of walking your pup with an escape resistant harness lead! We trust these leads with the most scared Rescue pups. Leads come in S/M and M/L sizes and are available in seven colors.

Curious about your pet’s past?

These DNA tests can help unravel a dog’s unique breed history and provide DNA-based insights toward optimizing their overall care and training needs.

Don’t leave your cat out this holiday season! (We know your dog has too many toys to count.) This Yeowww! catnip holiday stocking is guaranteed* to keep your cat’s attention for at least one minute before they find some garbage to play with instead.

*We can’t actually guarantee this. Cats are wildly unpredictable, but we love ’em anyway and look at how cute these are!

For the humans

This hat isn’t just for dads, although we think any dad would look pretty cool wearing it! Ruff Start’s dad hat can be worn with any outfit – it’s the little black hat that every closet needs.

We’re all looking forward to it: 6 months of winter! Wait… ew! At least you can represent your favorite Rescue several chilly months out of the year with our pom beanie.

Life’s ruff. Especially now. Especially up north. Show others how you really feel with our Life’s Ruff up North Tee made with super soft fabric and lots of love. Pair this with your favorite flannel shirt for the perfect midwestern look.

These crewneck sweatshirts are one of our most popular styles. They are warm, cozy, and lightweight. Perfect for lounging around the house or stepping briefly outside to yell at your dog for chasing a squirrel.

Stocking Stuffers

The pillars of Ruff Start Rescue are adopt, foster, volunteer, donate, educate, advocate, and most importantly, rescue animals! Show the world what you care about with our 3-layer facemask. Sewn and printed in the USA.

RSR’s ceramic campfire mugs can handle any beverage. You’ll feel double the love sippin’ on a hot cuppa’ joe when you know that buying one of these helps animals in need! They are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Ruff Portraits

Ruff Start has teamed up with Twin Cities Caricatures to create one-of-a-kind ‘ruff’ portraits of your pride and joy in a traditional drawing or digital art! This artwork is a purr-fect personal gift that helps animals in need just in time for the holidays! Ruff Start receives a portion of each artwork sold. To get yours before Christmas, order by December 15. ⁠

Shop our local + national partners

Ruff Start Rescue receives 10% of all sales when you add RUFF to the customer information phone field when purchasing.

If you are a new customer, Chewy will donate $20 back to Ruff Start Rescue from your purchase.

When you use the code RuffStartRescue at checkout you’ll receive 15% off your order. Ruff Start gets 10% from new orders and 5% from recurring orders.

For every new Bark Box subscription, you will receive a discount on your purchase and Ruff Start Rescue will receive a $25 donation.

When you spend $250 with Rum River Auto, you’ll receive a $20 discount and $5 will be donated back to Ruff Start Rescue. When you spend over $500, you’ll receive a $25 discount and $10 will be donated to the Rescue.

Please email merchandise@ruffstartrescue.org with any questions.