Is the animal you’re interested in listed as ‘foster-to-adopt’? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Ruff Start Rescue is a foster-based rescue, meaning that all animals in Ruff Start’s care stay in foster homes.
  • Animals in the FTA program (foster-to-adopt) don’t have everything they need to be adopted yet, such as spay/neuter surgery and medical treatment.
  • These animals might also not be in the Rescue yet and likely have an arrival date on their bio.
  • It helps the animal acclimate faster when they are already in their adoptive home while finishing up what they need to before officially being adopted.
  • If this animal ends up not being a good fit for your home and lifestyle, we ask that you continue to let the animal stay with you until an adopter is found.

Can’t find an animal to adopt? Sign up to foster! Here are the perks:

  • You’ll complete a virtual training to ensure you have everything you need to successfully foster an animal.
  • You’ll join a community of other fosters to share tips and tricks, ask questions, and post pictures and videos of your foster (our favorite part).
  • Supplies are covered by the Rescue through supply houses across Minnesota.
  • You always get to pick the animal you foster.

Here’s what else you need to know: 

  • Fosters need to pick-up and transport their foster animals to any necessary vetting appointments – these are usually at the Rescue office in Princeton, MN.
  • You’ll work with adoption applicants to find the best home for your foster animal if you decide not to adopt.

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