Fresita needs your help

A freak accident broke this puppy’s neck.

Fresita was playing with another dog and ran into a wall. This collision left her disoriented and in pain. She couldn’t even open her mouth without crying. We brought her to the emergency room, where she was diagnosed with a fractured vertebra after a CT scan. Fresita stayed at the clinic over the weekend, immobilized in a neck brace, but she desperately needed surgery. Otherwise, she’d be in tremendous pain for the rest of her life.

The surgical team at BluePearl used pins, screws, and bone cement to stabilize the C1-2 region of her spine. Her post-op CT scan looks promising, but we’re not out of the woods yet if she’ll make a full recovery. She’s in a splint for extra stabilization as her fracture heals, and she’ll do extensive physical therapy. Fresita has a long road ahead of her.

Despite this challenging injury, Fresita has remained in good spirits and can stand and take a few steps independently. She receives assistance for anything further to prevent falls. If she continues to improve, her gait may return to almost normal.

Fresita’s surgery and post-op care are estimated to reach between $9,000-$11,000. This procedure was very complicated, and we are so grateful we could do whatever it takes to save Fresita from a life of suffering. If you can, please donate to our animal care fund to help Fresita and animals like her.