Brighton content at home

“Would a cardboard box protect this dog from the frozen ground?”

“Maybe some old blankets?”

“Here’s a little food to get her through another day.”

Brighton’s been around for a while, roaming the familiar landscape of the reservation. Ribs stick out from her thin body while mange and secondary infections ravage her skin. Winters are brutal, and life expectancy is low for many there.

While Brighton was an accomplished survivor, one winter day was too harsh for the 30-pound Shepherd mix. Realizing that Brighton needed help, a kind person made the call to our partner, LightShine Canine: A Rez Dog Rescue. Brighton then entered Ruff Start Rescue, grateful to not spend another night outside with the chance of not waking up.

Brighton being rescued in the cold
Brighton relaxing in bed in the sunshine

With frost-bitten paws and visible wounds, likely from a pellet gun or bite, Brighton stayed in a home for the very first time last night. Like other grateful reservation animals, Brighton is a perfect house guest. She’s all snuggled up in a blanket and on the road to recovery. She’ll never have to survive day-to-day again.

After one week in the Rescue, and Brighton already checked off a lot of boxes.

Brighton receiving a bath

Bath? Check.

Brighton jumping up on the counter

Counter surfing? Check.

Brighton sporting some cute pajamas

Wearing cute PJs? Check.

Brighton snuggling in blankets on her dog bed

Snuggling in blankets? Check.

Brighton outside soaking in the sunshine

Soaking in the sunshine? Check.

Brighton Going on a Car Ride

Going on car rides? Check.

Brighton at a vet appointment

Vetting? Check.

Brighton chewing a dog bone and having a face off with a cat

Playing with toys? Double-check.

Brighton cuddling up with her foster

Recovering? In progress.

We asked our social media followers what Brighton should add to her foster bucket list before being adopted. Suggestions included a photoshoot, meeting new friends, going on a walk, and getting a pup cup. Safe to say, Brighton’s foster delivered!

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